‘SHAFT’ 2019 Cast Make Cover Of Ebony, Movie Review Included

The Stars from 2019 Shaft Reboot Grace the Cover of Ebony’s June Issue

So, we’re hearing mediocre reviews from the movie “experts” about the latest addition to the Shaft franchise. More slapstick comedy than an homage to the classic, those who remember and appreciate general OGness of James Roundtree’s role tend to cringe at this most recent instalment. Samuel L. Jackson reprises his 2000 role as John Shaft, a politically incorrect and unashamed womanizing detective, who is now tasked with working alongside his son, J.J Shaft (played by Jessie T. Usher). JJ is “Shaft-lite” – a more palpable, politically correct version of the straight shooting, zero-tolerance roles that his father and grandfather play.

While the movie didn’t score but a 31% on the Rotten Tomato’s Tomatometer, the beautiful cast members, including Little and Girls Trip star Regina Hall, are pictured front and center in Ebony Magazine’s June Issue. Why, you might ask, would Ebony choose to highlight the cast members of a movie that was basically a flop? Because black is beautiful honey, and we respect their efforts to keep a classic relevant…even if it was kind of weird. 


Featured Image: (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Written by: Jordan-Elizabeth Boyd

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