Budweiser Ad Honors Dwyane Wade And His #OneLastDance Tour

Budweiser is back at it again with an emotional advertisement but this time it hits closer to home for NBA fans. A recent commercial was released in honor of Dwyane Wade and is reminding everyone that his impact off the court was just as inspiring as it was on the court during his games.

The #OneLastDance tour*–what Wade is calling his final season– is coming to an end. Tuesday evening, Dwyane played his final game at the American Airlines Arena and in honor of his time in the game, Budweiser released an advertisement to honor just that.

Throughout Wade’s final season, he has become known for jersey swapping; he’s gifting opposing players and adversaries his jersey after games. However, in the ad the tables have turned and our 16 year NBA veteran is surprised with unknown guest who surprise them with their “jersey.”

Dwyane Wade’s legacy on and off the court can resonate with many more than just Miami Heat fans, and Budweiser made sure to remind us all of that.No matter what team you cheer for, everyone can agree that Dwyane Wade’s impact is so much bigger than basketball.

Watch below to check out the inspiring ad:


Feature Image: (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)